Friday, September 19, 2014

dreamin in Eugene !

oh hay yay ! HAPPY DAY ! lol ! HAPPY BiRTHDAY of COURSE ! ... well ... stuck in a well ... for the internets #HAPPYDAiLYBiRTHDAY ! its your DREAM! #GETLUiCiD and ask yourself ... what would YOU do ?

... well i asked myself ... and on any given birthday i might ... do this !

peep this music video i just dropped ... peep it quick before it hits the ground and shatters !

but that was then ... and this is now ... or a more recent then ... 

the Eugene Dream !:

let start it with the first experienced and then dance chronologically ... right ... hahha SiKE ! ima plop them here in any old way i see fit ... its more bout the story ya kno ... shall we?

first things first ... (the time machine that has taken me where only dreams go to die) !
finally we meet again ...

however ... she had a leaky blood line ...

so i yanked that sucker right out ...

but now what do i do? me ...

now its time to find the sublime !
and feel the shivers up and down my spine !
its river time !
thats right ... there was a river that was only four minutes away from where i was staying !
YAY! talk about the best birthday ever !

time to explore !
i found a local gentleman's secret spot ... as i was just chillen in meditation and he found me ... seemed like a nice gent ... with some problems ... i always end up being the ears for people ...
complete strangers usually feel compelled to tell me their darkest troubles or current problems or just plan ol joyous life story ... idk ... i guess thats just built into my aura ... a wizard listener ... learning from other peoples experiences so i dont have to experience certain ones ...

spread out my roots and grow !

so ... lol ... u see this lil meat man right here ^
as i left my perch and began to continue my exploration this gentleman and i sync up in stride for a moment ... he then shouts a "yo!" in my general direction ... "YYYYAS?" i say ... 
"are you collecting cans?" he asks ...
i smiled real big gave a chuckle and politely told him "no"
to which he responded that there was quite the "cache" over "here"
hahaha i laughed with him ... although i think he was laughing at me ... but i couldnt help but think that ... well if i was collecting cans ... (and knowing myself ... i could have very well been collecting cans lol ... whether for money or for a recycled resource project) ... than i would have been very grateful ... so wether he was attempting to just suggest that i looked homeless or he was actually looking out ... THANK YOU STRANGE MAN !

lol pennies in a well ... back to the grind ... 

that birthday tattoo grind !

fresh ink for my man Kyle ! who was nice enough to store my baby Anna Banana !

peep them details ... and if u want to see more of my work ... click this ... Prison iNK fo life !

next on the list of Eugene experiences ...

OPEN MiC NiGHTS and Musical Thangs!

i rocked two open mics both of which were received well by the majority of the audience except for ONE person at each place ... at the first open mic a gentleman claimed that i was shoving a flyer down his throat and that i was ignorant to the fact that toner contains plastic ... when i was only tryin to start a conversation and continue it later on the interwebs ... he was mostly on a mission to be bully and make me feel bad and hypocritical ... so let it be known ... even when your doing what you can to help out on this silly little temporary planet there will always be HATERS claiming that they're doing it better than you and they WiLL try to convince you that you aint shit ... for what reason? idk probably personal insecurites ... but if this gentleman taught me ONE things its how to use my legs in the future ... i NO LONGER HAVE TiME FOR MEAN PEOPLE ! ... oh well pennies in a well ... 

at the second place the person opposed to my shenanigans happened to be the owner or atleast the authority of the establishment ... he shut down my act in the middle of the second song and i just barely finished that track through ... lol ... he said he liked my music but that he felt other people were getting uncomfortable and that made him uncomfortable ... i think its important for humans to consider the term "projection" as it is real ... ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK YOUR PERCEPTiON ... oh well ... so as a heads up ... if your an experimental performance artist and your doing something a bit different ... 
... be careful "the Cannery" might not be the open mic for you lol ...  

heres what he looked like lol ... 

i dint kno they sold balloons in the bathroom off bars in Eugene ... damn ... ill never be unprepared again ... 

yo and then ... and then ... ænd THEN ! 
 i got to see ATMOSPHERE live in concert for the first time ! soooooooo gooooooood!
bought a CD from deM atlaS soooooo talented ... the new wave is coming yo ! positivity is enroute !


was passing out flyers for my new album on the street and this gentleman asked me if i wanted to hear some of his poetry ... of course i said yes !

this is "lil five points" poetry at its finest ! swell dude ! 

THiS ... is interesting to think about ... a "free speech zone"
hmm ... at first i celebrated in my head ... but then i said ... y are we only aloud to use free speech at a certain place ... idk ... food for thought ... an discussion is welcome ...

either way ... look at this happening place for free speech !

and the art that rotates within !

this happens to be a the powerful visionary art of Sam Gorrin ... check out his art HERE

and speaking of art ... 
this gentle man happened to be a crystal/mineral wizard by the name of Tree Fern Gully ...

and his side kick Archie the Conure realy wanted to make sure Tree was hearing things correctly ... 
lol ... thats right family 40,000 gas masks ... 

gas mask?

and what a beautiful trade ! gas mask for a Gorgeous peace of fossilized Ammonite .... 

seriously what a perfect day ! so many awesome beautiful people speaking their minds and contributing to the beautiful madness of it all ...

still on the gas mask grind yall ... FOR THE KiDS !

and look what else gas masks can turn into ! BOOTS ... before i even left philly i kept thinking about how i REALLY needed boots for my adventures in the sometimes sunny sunny brae / arcata ! and boom ! ... not only did the boots find me ! but they were being offered by a gentle man who runs in familiar family circles ... David Divtech : talented artist, kind human being, and wizard of noise check out Divtech's Music ! rolling with the Realicide Yougth Records on their tour ... which you can follow HERE ...

speaking of the road ... ive already hit dat shit ! lol
face first pavement enslavement ... lets go ! dinosaur fuel in the tank !

i wonder what wacky things we will see ... hahaha like Paul Bunyan and his baby blue ox Babe


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Carbon Collective ... and my unwritten future ...

what a wonderful bunch of individuals coming together to create beautiful art and actualize their dreams ! ... big thanks to David Brann for letting me shoot a music video in the shop some weeks ago ... i dont have any pictures from the shoot ... but check out the last music video we just published ...

... either way ... enough of the self absorbed plugs ... check out some of the awesome work coming out of the Carbon Collective ... taken on my one dollar shitty "smart" phone !

i took these a little bit ago when they had they're block party

some of the shop's work on display ...

heres some close up shots of Nick Ireys' work

and a photo of the artist at work 
... or ... 
... goofing off ... 
... we couldn't tell the difference lol ...

and some videos for yo face ! ...

... here's some work by Al Digrazia ...


and of course we end the night with some fire spinning ! cha cha !


after such fun .. i feel inspired to post some of my work ! ... yAY!

heres a birthday gif ...

take a gander at what else has manifest into this deadmention

the thurd di e mention

.... or check out that rack ! ... that banana rack !


... or ... collect some dust ... either way ... its a good time !


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mental Spaghetti Fest #5

so ... im def behind on my blogging ... there was a Block Party at the Carbon Collective to post about ... plus a wonderful birthday evening where we "Got in DA SOUP" ... but screw all that fun amazing stuff that you could have and should have been apart of its a NEW BiRTHDAY today ... well every day ... and the maskures family and i ...  are about to hit the road and arrive at ... MENTAL SPAGHETTi FEST 5 !!! and im soooooo excited ... and just as a token of my appreciation ... i want to share with you an unreleased music video from an old project ...



if u like the vid peep the past musical endevours ... i have to warn u tho ... the further back you go the stranger it gets ...

music by yours truely...
(if ya cancall it such)

stay tuned i got a new project coming out soon ! in FEBURARY 2015 ... plus more music videos in the works !

... feel free to contact me and see how u can support the cause !

gas mask?

Friday, August 8, 2014


only one week until the great soup splish splash  you've been waiting for 


stirrups, CHECK … hasse avocado, CHECK … optical dilator, CHECK … cucumbers, CHECK … kiwi, CHECK … asparagus, CHECK … stethoscope, CHECK … helter-skelter, CHEACK … audio disruption, CHECK ! … kerosene, CHECK !! … U?!?!, CHECK !!!! …. radicalawesomeerthang?! …. YOU GOSH-DARN BETTA BELiEVE iT !

…………………. SHOCKASHakUR ! ……………….


a Dr. frankenstein, earth shattering, ring in your ear, lettuce beats on a drum, lo-fi, crystal clear, expert-teased, orchestra, straight and narrow, bent and wide, voted on by the people, cast aside, hanging chad, revote, throw into the lions den where the lions made friends with weiner dogs and everyone gets along, kaleidoscopic experience of a show … its just f**kin scrumptious 

… in other words … a genre experiment that could go so wrong that the amount of left turns it made drew a circle and u real-eyes its SO RiGHT !

tired of those shows that make sense? Do u find your self knowing what to expect?  yeah we\i/us here at the B.B.E. Festivities know how u feel and who’s to say what type of music should be played at the B.est B.irthday E.ver ? 
You’re ye ole’ pappy who listens to “i don’t exist no’mo radio” … You’re your Dad’s under wear that has isn stain on them spelling out 102.9MGK on them? … YOU’re your lil bionic sister that listens to robot.kid’sbop ? … YOUARE your imaginary friend that could save the whole world if they just … just? … YOUare your neighbor across the street who seems to be listening to the symphony played on Heisenerg’s string theory ? … what about you’RE your future baby momma;s infant zygote’s bacteria atrium’s earth shattering inter-dimentional retrograde’s role reversal’s multi gender photo-projection bent holograph who showed up that one day asking for “tree-fidy”? who knows really invite the whole FAM !

for only $ 5 $ you get all these passionate artists !

… Abi Reimold ... /

…  Ben Lupinacci Group ...

… Gavin Riley Smoke Machine ...

… Miles ...

… Moontone …

… Number X …

… Tape Monster ...

Visuals By :

… Hekkate ...

Noise Jocky :

… 185668232 ...

Resident Wizard : 

… Visitor 10 …

interested in getting involved in the next SOUP email


also ... if your free this sunday ... 

ill be hosting the next installment of #AREUDWN

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Artscape 2014 ... Visitor 10 performance caught on vija !

#HAPPYDAiLYBiRTHDAY ... heres some fresh video from this year's 2014 Baltimore Artscape ...

dont forget to check out the rest of the photos from this amazing weekend in baltimore on the blog post below/before this ... but heres some video of "Visitor 10's" performance ... incase you've never peeped a show !

many thanks to Hekkate for filming ...

be on the look out yall for this new album ... ill be releasing material up until the date listed below on the flyer ... so stay tuned in !


gas mask?

ARTSCAPE ! *cough(lil late dont u think)coughcough* ...pennies in a Ohwell ! ima time travelin wizard ... it seems like it was just yesterday for me ... infact ! ... it was ...

first things first ... LiTTLE BERLiN ! THANK YOU !

if it wasnt for these swell cats none of my shananagans would have been present at such an awsome event ! 

Ma.Ja.Ka. fast as work !

the medicine that fixed the world !

hell yeah acid house live with "Snack Master" aka John Bowman in the Philadelphia Subway Stop Collaborative Collage Recreation

Getin down with Ma.Ja.Ka. in his unicorn incarnate form

u better believe it the archetype of absurdity ...

æ banænder ...

made an appearance in the hand of performance artist Eileen Doyle

Cascading Newspapers flowing out of a Newspaper box turned experimental DJ stand ... u better believe Lee Tusman be throwin down ... levitating over the most frequent thing "thrown down" to the ground on the streets of Philadelphia ...

the next step was only logical ...


what was the news papers really for tho ... as the abstract sounds of saxophonist Jarrett Gilgore grace the ears of Hekkate, she looks on to observe Maddie Hewitt as she engages with "Party Steve" in her interactive collage that was the center piece for this brilliant Artscape instalation ...

need we say more ....

lol HAPPY BiRTHDAY ! humans doing what they do best in they mutant birthday suit !

 photo ghost-stroll-art-scape.gif
a certain flux-u-8-ing facial facade four.warning apocalyiptic time traveling wizard made an appearance too  !

lloonmas floatkures


let the audience know whats up as they introduced them to the CORFU thumbs up !

Proud to rep Little Berlin !

tis a community experieance ... wont u lend a Hand

a transformation in process

 photo hands-and-lloon-jar-dance.gif

Look at all these curious Happy Birthday Babies ! what a great day !
ænd later that night !....

another fantastic high light of the trip

an underground performance/community living space opened their doors to us for not only sleeping accommodations but for a beautiful night of Creative exchange !
the spirits of Ma.Ja.Ka. and Lloonmas Floatkures await their beckoning for enchantment and musical conjuring ... 

another birthday experience as Eric Danger Clark prepares for his plastic worm hole balloon push pin transformation ... 

the magic continues as "The Book of Lies" was addressed during Vincent's cultish performance where he removed his pants to a minimal abstract electronic drum beat and synth, put on fishnets and high heels, a glorious golden crown an made hieroglyphic ink drawings on a roll paper runway ... 

a beautiful evening ending in a truly fitting way ... the fear of having roaches crawl all over you at night while you sleep ... 


we got to enjoy more of the festival ... check out the pick from the day time activities

first things first ... gotta get my immautre humor out the way as i dint kno B.more's Mcdonalds were serving such delicacies ... 

i was so hype to see sonic rocking out live lol !

PORTAL REFERENCE ! the cake is a LiE !

one of my FAVORiTE installations below was from 

they demonstrated how with all the waste we create as a society you could ... 

Damn its so true ... 

i wish to spend some time building a project in B.More in the future ... cuz now i kno where the material hook is ...

my man Daniel and his Fish Car !
such a nice guy...
check out his website at

 ... other splendidly painted/ modified cars ...

Havertown PA has a gentlemen of residence who wears a get up where he has glues pennies from head to toe ... including hat shoes and a cane ! ... said his hat weighed like 25 lbs ... i could imagine back problems ... 

this must be his whip

speaking of the roaches u dont want crawling on u at night ... im sure you wouldnt want this one crawlin on u during the day ... damn 

ferris wheels ... SEW punk rock lol !
with a fourth dimensional B.More Being in the back round two stories tall !

and the best part was ... yall think i exist ... lol ...

seriously ... meeting so many new wonderfly beautifully kind people who welcomed us with open arms in a city we were strange to ... THANK YOU BALTiMORE those birthdays were one to remember !

and thanks to everyone who accepted a flyer ... now that im promoting this new album coming out i really dint expect to be shot down SO many times with people poliety or RUDELY refusing the acceptance of a flyer ... oh well ... much love to those who were interested and will potentially support !

gas mask?